Wellcome on Flibust's Website


Wellcome in the heart of my secret home-studio. I wanted to share my passion for musical creation and particularly for the couple of stunning keyboards on which I usually spend my nights: the Korg Karma Workstation and the Yamaha Tyros2 Arranger/Sampler.

The background soundtrack you can hear on this wellcome page has been composed and recorded on those two keyboards by the pure autodidacte amateur keyboardist that I am.  So if you're interested, dive into "Flibust's World ".

What you'll find on this Website:

First of all, anytime you come here, go right to the "News " page; it indicates each new upgrade of the site, new pages or downloads.

1)My own original compos and demos (MP3 free downloads) in the "Audio Mp3 demos ".

2)Some infos, tips, opinions about Karma and Tyros2 (with pictures and musical illustrations). You'll find them in the "Tips and tricks " pages.

3)Free high-quality downloadable ressources for both keyboards and for music recording. You'll find themin the "Free Ressources " pages (some are free access downloads, other are -still free- in a restricted access area).

4)A "Contact " page for your messages.

Through the creation of this site, I want to find my musical "good fellows". It wouldn't have any sense if there were no feedback: so, your proposals, opinions, supporting (or criticizing) messages will always be wellcome...

This "Contact" page will allow me to find "Flibust's Good fellows " in order to have a restricted access area for members (to share high-quality free ressources). So I'm waiting for your proposals and I'm ready to deliver your password for the private free  downloads pages.   

5) A "Links " page (indicating forums and websites I like)  


In the end, if some modern rich and generous Maecenas were coming there and thinking that my work and efforts could be encouraged and supported, material music donations (hardware or software) will allways be wellcome in order to make real the dreams of "Flibust's Home-Studio evolution " ...lol ... Who knows? One may still have dreams, don't you think so?...